Make Your Workouts Count

Training SMARTER, not longer!

The difference between a good and bad session, can often boil down to REST TIMES. The amount of time you take between your sets and different exercises can make or break a workout.

For example, you can give two people the exact same workout to go and complete…

The person who finishes that workout in, let’s say, 45 minutes. Will leave the gym feeling satisfied, pumped, exhausted in a good way) and will ultimately see greater rewards and progress.

The other person however, finishes that exact same workout in 90 minutes and will leave feeling incomplete, unsatisfied and as if they could go on for a lot longer. As a result, they will have put their bodies through less demand (even though it is the exact same workout) resulting in slower progress and disheartening results.

Next time you go down the gym, try and keep to strict rest times between sets. You may lift a little lighter than normal, as your body wont have quite so much time to recover. But in the long run, you will see far greater results.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Try keeping strict rest times of 30 – 60’s. Monitor this and cut that rest time down each week or so, until you are at 30’s. Once you are keeping strict 30’s rest intervals, you can try increasing the weights or making the exercise more difficult.

Train smarter, not longer 🙂