How Is Your Posture Affecting You?

Sometimes people get to overly caught up in training for one particular reason, such as weight loss, muscle gain, increased strength etc. Rather than just training to be ‘healthy’. This can sometimes, not only prove frustrating through constant comparisons and measuring. But can also be the most common reason for people giving up before they even start to see any results.

Try taking a different approach and train to improve your health and posture. This can lead you to so much positivity and self fulfilment.

A Few Alternative Reasons Why Posture Matters

  • Mood
  • Thoughts
  • Hormones
  • Breathing
  • Hemodynamics

Posture & Mood

Depressed Posture

  • Hunched postures create more depressed feelings.
  • Skipping significantly increased subjective energy levels.
  • Walking slouched decreased energy levels.

Posture & Thoughts


  • Easier to generate positive thoughts in upright posture.
  • Poor posture led to subjects being less persistent while solving puzzles.
  • Research participants with upright posture indicated that they would be a better:
– Job candidate
– Interviewee
– Job performer
– More satisfied employee

Posture & Hormones

  • Expansive posture displays high power
  • Contracted posture project low power
  • Holding high power posture for 2 min:
– Increased testosterone
– Decreased cortisol
– Increased feeling of “power” and being “in charge”
  • Holding low power posture for 2 min:
– Decreased testosterone
– Increased cortisol

Posture & Breathing


  • Normal breathing is diaphragmatic
  • Abnormal breathing is thoracic breathing
– Can have acute effect on respiratory chemistry.
– People with poor posture show signs of faulty breathing mechanics.
– Thoracic breathing is produced by accessory muscles of respiration.
—– Sternocleidomastoid, upper traps, and scalenes

Posture and Hemodynamics (blood flow)

  • Poor posture negatively influences the blood flow to the upper extremities.
Try and change the reason you train to achieving your ultimate health. Concentrate on Posture, Movement and most of all Having Fun. 🙂