Bradley Watts

Exercise of the day!!

Single Arm Reverse Flies, in Side Plank

So during my shoulder session today, I decided to mix it up a little…

The cables are one of my favourite things to use when working on my core, as they offer a constant resistance throughout the whole exercise and half way through my first set of reverse flies, I decided to get creative.

Lay in a side plank position, making sure your body is square on to the cable. Your chest should be directly opposite the cable. Take the cable with your top arm, holding it out in front of you with a very slight bend in the elbow (keep that elbow position fixed). From there, perform the reverse flies by raising your arm up above your shoulder. Focus on maintaining that fixed side plank position. Do not allow your body to twist or drop. Using slow and controlled movements, you will really feel the core being worked as well as the shoulders and traps.

Go and kill those shoulders, and get that strong core that everybody is after!!