The Most Effective Way To Burn Fat


It is popular belief that if you are wanting to shed some unwanted weight that you are better off going for a run than hitting the weights. Sure there are some good reasons why people often think this, high intensity cardio WILL burn some serious calories. However the most effective way to shed unwanted weight (and keep it off!) is through a combination of BOTH endurance and resistance training and here is why:

When you participate in an aerobic activity, such as going for a jog or a swim, your body will burn more calories than it might do if you were to spend the same amount of time doing bicep curls. Yet, the changes to your lean muscle mass remain minimal. Sure these types of cardiovascular endurance training are very important as they help keep your circulatory and respiratory systems healthy and they also burn through calories. But this doesn’t mean they should be the only consideration when you are focused on shedding weight.

Even though there is an after burn effect gained from participating in an intense cardio sesh (such as a spin class), there is an even greater one gained from participating in a high intensity resistance training session. Where a cardio workout can boost your metabolism for up to 14 hours, a high intensity resistance training session can boost it for up to 36 hours. Even if the increase is only, say an extra 10 calories an hour that adds up over the 36 hours to be a fairly impressive difference.

The other thing to consider is that through resistance training you are working to increase your body’s lean muscle mass. Your muscles need energy in order to function. Even when you are just standing around, or bending down to pick up the washing basket, your muscles fibers are contracting to provide your movement, strength and stability. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more muscle fibers are contracting which means the more energy is being used and the more calories you are burning. Simple!

Plus let’s not forget that through resistance training, you are also working on toning the different muscles of your body, giving you that sexy curvy or lean look you are after.

So what is the most effective way to burn fat? A balanced combination of both resistance and endurance training is the best way to achieve your goals. This doesn’t mean you have to do it all in one day, instead try to mix your week up. For example, train your arms, shoulders and core one day, and use the following day as an active recovery day with some jogging, swimming or cycling.

Through combining these two different types of training you will find you are much more efficient and successful in achieving your weight loss goals!

Beginners Home Workout

Repeat each circiut 4 times, resting for 60’s or as little as needed between each round. Rest for 90’s between each different circuit.

Circuit 1

  • Press Ups x 10
  • Walking Lunges x 8        x 4


Press ups can be performed on a raised surface such as a chair or kitchen surface, with feet on the floor to make it easier if needed. Walking Lunges are four steps out and four steps back. Rest for 60’s after you have performed 10 press ups and 8 lunges. Then repeat 3 more times.


Circuit 2

  • Squat and Lunge x 8 each leg
  • Mountain Climber Crunches x 20        x 4


Perform a normal squat and then take your right leg backwards into a reverse lunge, return your right foot back into a squat position and repeat 8 times on each leg.

Mountain Climber position, bring one knee in towards your hands, until it is under your chest. Squeeze with your abs and hold for half a second. Then repeat with the other leg. Repeat for 20 slow and controlled reps.


Circuit 3

  • Supermans x 10
  • Rear Leg Glute Raises x 20        x 4


Perform Supermans by laying down on your front, legs straight and feet together, arms out in front and hands shoulder width apart. Lift both your feet and hands off the floor and hold it for 2’s. Try and get your thighs and chest up off the floor and while holding, squeezing  through your glutes.

Rear Leg Glute raises are to be performed on hands and knees. Keeping your back parallel to the floor, stretch one leg out and keep it locked straight, lifting it up as high as you can by squeezing through the glutes and then lower your toe back down to the ground. Perform 20 and then repeat on the other leg.


Circuit 4

  • Mountain Climbers x 20’s
  • Step Up with Reverse Lunge x 8 each leg        x 4


Step up with one foot onto a raised surface, about shin height and then back down to the ground, take the same foot you stepped up with back into a reverse lunge position and then repeat 8 times. Swap legs after doing 8 reps.


Circuit 5

  • Crunches x 15
  • Bicycles x 10’s
  • Plank x 20’s        x 4

Make Your Workouts Count

Training SMARTER, not longer!

The difference between a good and bad session, can often boil down to REST TIMES. The amount of time you take between your sets and different exercises can make or break a workout.

For example, you can give two people the exact same workout to go and complete…

The person who finishes that workout in, let’s say, 45 minutes. Will leave the gym feeling satisfied, pumped, exhausted in a good way) and will ultimately see greater rewards and progress.

The other person however, finishes that exact same workout in 90 minutes and will leave feeling incomplete, unsatisfied and as if they could go on for a lot longer. As a result, they will have put their bodies through less demand (even though it is the exact same workout) resulting in slower progress and disheartening results.

Next time you go down the gym, try and keep to strict rest times between sets. You may lift a little lighter than normal, as your body wont have quite so much time to recover. But in the long run, you will see far greater results.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Try keeping strict rest times of 30 – 60’s. Monitor this and cut that rest time down each week or so, until you are at 30’s. Once you are keeping strict 30’s rest intervals, you can try increasing the weights or making the exercise more difficult.

Train smarter, not longer 🙂

How Is Your Posture Affecting You?

Sometimes people get to overly caught up in training for one particular reason, such as weight loss, muscle gain, increased strength etc. Rather than just training to be ‘healthy’. This can sometimes, not only prove frustrating through constant comparisons and measuring. But can also be the most common reason for people giving up before they even start to see any results.

Try taking a different approach and train to improve your health and posture. This can lead you to so much positivity and self fulfilment.

A Few Alternative Reasons Why Posture Matters

  • Mood
  • Thoughts
  • Hormones
  • Breathing
  • Hemodynamics

Posture & Mood

Depressed Posture

  • Hunched postures create more depressed feelings.
  • Skipping significantly increased subjective energy levels.
  • Walking slouched decreased energy levels.

Posture & Thoughts


  • Easier to generate positive thoughts in upright posture.
  • Poor posture led to subjects being less persistent while solving puzzles.
  • Research participants with upright posture indicated that they would be a better:
– Job candidate
– Interviewee
– Job performer
– More satisfied employee

Posture & Hormones

  • Expansive posture displays high power
  • Contracted posture project low power
  • Holding high power posture for 2 min:
– Increased testosterone
– Decreased cortisol
– Increased feeling of “power” and being “in charge”
  • Holding low power posture for 2 min:
– Decreased testosterone
– Increased cortisol

Posture & Breathing


  • Normal breathing is diaphragmatic
  • Abnormal breathing is thoracic breathing
– Can have acute effect on respiratory chemistry.
– People with poor posture show signs of faulty breathing mechanics.
– Thoracic breathing is produced by accessory muscles of respiration.
—– Sternocleidomastoid, upper traps, and scalenes

Posture and Hemodynamics (blood flow)

  • Poor posture negatively influences the blood flow to the upper extremities.
Try and change the reason you train to achieving your ultimate health. Concentrate on Posture, Movement and most of all Having Fun. 🙂


Sport Specific: Making Strength Functional

When it comes to training for a sport. Strength training will only get you so far in terms of helping you specifically when competing. In order to transfer the rewards of your strength training, onto the field of play. You must make the strength ‘functional’…

Only then will your chosen sport benefit from your strength training in both performance and prevention of injury.

Want to learn how to make STRENGTH FUNCTIONAL? Get in touch now.

Step it up – Legs

Time to step your game up in your leg sessions.

Add this miniature session into your normal leg sessions and feel the burn. Your legs will look lean and strong in no time!!

Set 1: Squat with step up

Start by facing a step or bench (the higher the harder). Perform a squat with perfect form, and then step up onto the platform, raise your opposite knee above waist height and then step back down onto the floor straight into your next squat. Repeat this on the same leg enough times to complete a set and then do the same with the other leg.

Set 2: Plyo Jump Squat and Lunge

Start in a lunge position with your right leg forwards. Lower your left knee down to the ground and then jump as high as you can and twist to your left, landing in a squat position. Land low in the squat and jump straight back up, twisting to your right and landing in the starting lunge position. (land with soft knees every time, creating a fluent movement). Repeats this enough times to complete a set and then do the same for the other leg.

Advance both these exercises by adding weights. Both exercises will get your legs burning and also add another element of cardio to your sessions.


Bradley Watts

Exercise of the day!!

Single Arm Reverse Flies, in Side Plank

So during my shoulder session today, I decided to mix it up a little…

The cables are one of my favourite things to use when working on my core, as they offer a constant resistance throughout the whole exercise and half way through my first set of reverse flies, I decided to get creative.

Lay in a side plank position, making sure your body is square on to the cable. Your chest should be directly opposite the cable. Take the cable with your top arm, holding it out in front of you with a very slight bend in the elbow (keep that elbow position fixed). From there, perform the reverse flies by raising your arm up above your shoulder. Focus on maintaining that fixed side plank position. Do not allow your body to twist or drop. Using slow and controlled movements, you will really feel the core being worked as well as the shoulders and traps.

Go and kill those shoulders, and get that strong core that everybody is after!!