Beginners Home Workout

Repeat each circiut 4 times, resting for 60’s or as little as needed between each round. Rest for 90’s between each different circuit.

Circuit 1

  • Press Ups x 10
  • Walking Lunges x 8        x 4


Press ups can be performed on a raised surface such as a chair or kitchen surface, with feet on the floor to make it easier if needed. Walking Lunges are four steps out and four steps back. Rest for 60’s after you have performed 10 press ups and 8 lunges. Then repeat 3 more times.


Circuit 2

  • Squat and Lunge x 8 each leg
  • Mountain Climber Crunches x 20        x 4


Perform a normal squat and then take your right leg backwards into a reverse lunge, return your right foot back into a squat position and repeat 8 times on each leg.

Mountain Climber position, bring one knee in towards your hands, until it is under your chest. Squeeze with your abs and hold for half a second. Then repeat with the other leg. Repeat for 20 slow and controlled reps.


Circuit 3

  • Supermans x 10
  • Rear Leg Glute Raises x 20        x 4


Perform Supermans by laying down on your front, legs straight and feet together, arms out in front and hands shoulder width apart. Lift both your feet and hands off the floor and hold it for 2’s. Try and get your thighs and chest up off the floor and while holding, squeezing  through your glutes.

Rear Leg Glute raises are to be performed on hands and knees. Keeping your back parallel to the floor, stretch one leg out and keep it locked straight, lifting it up as high as you can by squeezing through the glutes and then lower your toe back down to the ground. Perform 20 and then repeat on the other leg.


Circuit 4

  • Mountain Climbers x 20’s
  • Step Up with Reverse Lunge x 8 each leg        x 4


Step up with one foot onto a raised surface, about shin height and then back down to the ground, take the same foot you stepped up with back into a reverse lunge position and then repeat 8 times. Swap legs after doing 8 reps.


Circuit 5

  • Crunches x 15
  • Bicycles x 10’s
  • Plank x 20’s        x 4