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The Most Effective Way To Burn Fat

THE MOST EFFECTIVE TYPE OF TRAINING FOR WEIGHT LOSS It is popular belief that if you are wanting to shed some unwanted weight that you are better off going for a run than hitting the weights. Sure there are some good reasons why people often think this, high intensity cardio WILL burn some serious calories. […]

Beginners Home Workout

Repeat each circiut 4 times, resting for 60’s or as little as needed between each round. Rest for 90’s between each different circuit. Circuit 1 Press Ups x 10 Walking Lunges x 8        x 4   Press ups can be performed on a raised surface such as a chair or kitchen surface, with […]

Make Your Workouts Count

Training SMARTER, not longer! The difference between a good and bad session, can often boil down to REST TIMES. The amount of time you take between your sets and different exercises can make or break a workout. For example, you can give two people the exact same workout to go and complete… The person who finishes that […]

Protein Pancakes

So you’re trying to keep your food as clean as you can, but you cant kick those cravings aside? Try making these innocent pancakes, full of protein and enough to satisfy that sweet tooth. Ingredients 1 Banana, chopped up 1 25g Scoop Diet Whey Vanilla Protein Powder 1 Egg 25g Rolled Oats 1 tbsp Coconut […]

How Is Your Posture Affecting You?

Sometimes people get to overly caught up in training for one particular reason, such as weight loss, muscle gain, increased strength etc. Rather than just training to be ‘healthy’. This can sometimes, not only prove frustrating through constant comparisons and measuring. But can also be the most common reason for people giving up before they even start to see […]

5 Foods That Hide Your Abs

The fact remains that we can spend all day every day working our abs. But if we are not eating the right foods, then that work will go completely unnoticed. Abs are made in the gym, but they are revealed in the kitchen… These are 5 foods to stay clear of if you want to […]

Sport Specific: Making Strength Functional

When it comes to training for a sport. Strength training will only get you so far in terms of helping you specifically when competing. In order to transfer the rewards of your strength training, onto the field of play. You must make the strength ‘functional’… Only then will your chosen sport benefit from your strength […]

Step it up – Legs

Time to step your game up in your leg sessions. Add this miniature session into your normal leg sessions and feel the burn. Your legs will look lean and strong in no time!! Set 1: Squat with step up Start by facing a step or bench (the higher the harder). Perform a squat with perfect […]

Turkey Meatloaf Balls

This recipe caught my eye, and is a must try for those who want some variation with their healthy eating plans. The Turkey Meatloaf Balls! This recipe makes 12 Balls.. Per 3 Balls.. Fat – 2g Carbs – 4.5g Protein – 18g Ingredients: 900g Chopped Turkey Breast (Or Chicken) 1/2 cup of Liquid Egg Whites […]

Exercise of the day!!

Single Arm Reverse Flies, in Side Plank So during my shoulder session today, I decided to mix it up a little… The cables are one of my favourite things to use when working on my core, as they offer a constant resistance throughout the whole exercise and half way through my first set of reverse […]