Step it up – Legs

Time to step your game up in your leg sessions.

Add this miniature session into your normal leg sessions and feel the burn. Your legs will look lean and strong in no time!!

Set 1: Squat with step up

Start by facing a step or bench (the higher the harder). Perform a squat with perfect form, and then step up onto the platform, raise your opposite knee above waist height and then step back down onto the floor straight into your next squat. Repeat this on the same leg enough times to complete a set and then do the same with the other leg.

Set 2: Plyo Jump Squat and Lunge

Start in a lunge position with your right leg forwards. Lower your left knee down to the ground and then jump as high as you can and twist to your left, landing in a squat position. Land low in the squat and jump straight back up, twisting to your right and landing in the starting lunge position. (land with soft knees every time, creating a fluent movement). Repeats this enough times to complete a set and then do the same for the other leg.

Advance both these exercises by adding weights. Both exercises will get your legs burning and also add another element of cardio to your sessions.